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Who is Daav?

Art has always been a part of my life. From the age of two when I drew my first detailed flower until today as I show in exhibits and online, art has always been a constant in my life. The thesis I wrote for my Master's degree was on the birth of iconography in the Christian church. And this merged my two passions, art and spirituality. In art I find something deep and meaningful, spirituality at its purest. 


My History

I was born in Idaho in 1972, but my family moved to California shortly thereafter. My mother, an artist, instilled in me creativity and a love for art. My father taught me much about being a craftsman and that no project was too big or small that could not be accomplished with hard work and ingenuity. I was raised in a Christian household which helped to shape my outlook on life and spirituality. 


In 1996, I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene Univeristy with a degree in Philosophy and Religion with an emphasis in Biblical studies. Biblical themes often play a roll in my artwork. Unable to settle my personal philosophy with the teaching of the Christian denomination I was attending I continued to search for meaning and truth. 


In 2001, I graduated from George Fox Evangelical Seminary with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with an emphasis in Church History. My Master's thesis was the development and use of Iconography in the Pre Constantine Church. I could not escape my love for art and during the research my eyes were opened to my true calling, being an artist.


In 2004, I moved back to Idaho and dedicated myself to being an artist.


I have spend the last 15 years studying and practicing art as a "self-taught" artist. I read, I paint, I show. Through my reading I have become acquainted with Western Art history, Asian art history, Ancient art, Masters from around the world and throughout time. Through my painting, I have developed my own style and explored many different mediums. Through my shows, I have sold many works, and learned much about what the world thinks about art. 


My Methods

At many shows the first thing I often hear is: "I love your colors!" I do use many bright colors in my work. Art should stop the eye and alert the mind that there is something to see. And then casually bring the observer into a deeper place. I find creating art is often meditation for me. My spirituality shapes my artwork. It shapes how I approach the canvas or page, what forms and colors I use and what story I try to convey with the finish product. To understand my art, one must take time to meditate on it. They are not pretty pictures with bright colors to be admired, but images for contemplation. 


Please take some time to view my galleries, find the one or two images which arrest your attention. Then spend some time with them. And if you want, buy them for continued exploration. 


My Spirituality

My artwork is an exention of my spirituality. 


I do believe in something greater than myself. I do not like to use the word god. I find that it often brings up many preconceived ideas of what I may be talking about which then hampers the conversation and creates useless obstacles to meaningful dialogue. I prefer to use the term spirit. This term is must better suited to capture the meaning behind the feeling. Spirit is the breath of life. Spirit is the breath of god blowing across the mountains and plains. Spirit is breath and wind, the motion which gives us life. Spirit is not stilled and is not contained. When one stops breathing, their spirit passes on. There is no ending, only transformation. 


In my life I see this as an interconnectedness of all things. Spirit moves through all and connects all. To be disconnected is to loose an essential part of who I am. My artwork springs from this connection. It captures a moment in time, an experience, an emotion, something which we may all share at some point. Through it I explore what it means to be connected. Often this takes shape in abstract or symbolic ways. I find the use of abstraction more freeing to express the intangable of the interconnectedness of spirit. When creating I often begin or move through a time of meditation. As I look at a piece in development I see the colors, the lines, the shapes coming to be. Sometimes it floods out like an epiphany, other times it takes many sessions with the piece before it is all revealed. And with most pieces there comes a time when I absolutely hate it. That is how I know I am on the right track with it. Change is hard, it inspires hate. When I hate a piece I know I am going through an internal change which was provoked by the piece. It also means I am close to finishing it. Once I settle the dislike for state I/the piece am in then a resolution comes quickly and the paint flows. As you look at my artwork, see the connection. See the struggle. And perhaps it may connect us at a deeper level, spirit willing. 


Daav in plein air
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