daav corbet
daav corbet

My Process

I work intuitively. I find each painting is an ongoing conversation. Sometimes the painting controls the conversation and sometimes I do. Some conversations span multiple canvases and many paintings. Snipets from one conversation can be found turning up in other conversations. You the audience are also active participants in the conversation. I do not think you are just evesdropping, but rather have your own say in what the conversation is. Your likes and dislikes about a piece, about me, about life in general all shape your own conversations you should be having in your head as you look through my work. No work stands alone, no artist stand alone and no audience stands alone. Together we create the art work. 


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My newest work is a look through feelings. These pieces have all been completed during the Covid Year.



These painting are about bridges and how they connect us to each other and the world around us. 


Through the Leaves

A series of paintings around trees and leaves exploring the way we interacting with them. 


Spiritual Movements

Paintings about spirituality. 


Assorted Artwork

Past work covering the last few years of my painting career. 

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All images are original works by Daav Corbet who holds the copyright. Images may not be used or duplicated without the consent of Daav Corbet. December 2016