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As I was finishing my Retro series I stumbled upon the black/magenta/cyan color combo, laced with purple/yellow/blue. I found a new "core" set of colors to work with. The black canvas created a huge void to fill. All that negative space invited the "space" invaders. Using teal/cyan spray paint and a spaceship stencil I was able to create a video game like effect. Rows and Ranks of Invaders traversing the chaos of the pour painting. These Invaders mirror the wave upon wave of pandemic spanning the globe in unending ocean. Or maybe the Invaders are the cure making slow progress against the chaos of the uninformed.

Maybe it is no more than a harkening back to my childhood playing Galaga or Space Invaders at the local arcade. A cherished childhood memory.  This series is still too close and unfinished to see what comes next. It is difficult to reflect philosophically and aesthetically upon a battle that is still being waged.


~Daav, Sept 2021

Invaders Series

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